Introducing "Signals" by The GPT Investor

A LIVE feed of all stock signals generated by GPT Investors.

What is it?

Signals by GPT Investor is a LIVE feed of all stock recommendations (aka Signals) we generate using autonomous agents powered with Large Language Models.

Signals by the GPT Investor is LIVE now.

A bit of background before we get into it: At The GPT Investor, we are using state-of-the-art autonomous agent tech to produce stock recommendations to see if GPT Investors can beat index funds like S&P500 ($SPY). We generated 13 sets of stock recommendations so far, and we've invested capital in all of them.

As part of our research, we continue to generate new stock recommendations using various autonomous agent tech and methods. The "Signals" page will be updated regularly and act as a LIVE feed of all material signals/recommendations for our subscribers.

Our goal is to deliver material signals with complete transparency and context to our subscribers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Signals by The GPT Investor: A LIVE feed of all stock signals generated by GPT Investors.

Each Signal comes with the following details:

✅ A timestamp showing the date the Signal was created.

✅ The name of the GPT Investor, indicating the specific autonomous agent involved.

✅ The ticker symbol of the stock that is being recommended.

✅ A recommendation to either buy or sell the stock.

✅ A proposed timeline for the recommendation.

The timeline is important since all stock recommendations we generate are based on a timeline defined in the setup/prompt. For example in the following screenshot, you can see that we're specifying a 6-month duration in the prompt to generate stock recommendations using GPT3.5 on Godmode.

Godmode--the autonomous agent working on recommending 3 stocks for a 6-month timeline.

This is just the beginning for Signals. We will continue to refine the experience to make sure it is useful to our users. If you have any feedback, reach out to us on Twitter @gptinvestor.

If you were considering buying a stock and it is recommended by a GPT Investor, you can use the GPT Investor's recommendation parameters on Signal to plan entry points to purchase that stock.
Until the 12th of July 2023, our free subscribers will have access to this feature.
This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing in the stock market. Full disclaimer available here.
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